Party Tips

Here are some tips that may help your event go smoothly!

  Have the magic show start 30 minutes after the party starts. People are notoriously late for birthday parties. Help make sure your guests don't miss the show!

2. Have a comfortable place for the party where the children can have fun. Create a place on the floor for the kids to sit. Having the kids sit together on the floor makes it easier for them to focus as an audience and feel more like a part of the show. 

3. Once the magic show is over, the balloon animals begin. The twisting of the balloons is amazing to adults. Kids just want a balloon dog. So have the rest of the party as balloons are made. Cake, presents, pinata can all coincide with balloon twisting.

4. Have the magic show in a cool place such as an air-conditioned living room area. The magic show is a high energy performance, so a cool s
pace is always good for your performer. Your guests will appreciate it too.

5.  If planning an outdoor party be sure to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
6.  Remember that your performer is an entertainer, not a babysitter. It is vitally important to have adults present at all times for our performances.
The magic show is participatory. We want the kids to yell, laugh, and have fun -a lot! It is very rare that an adult needs to discipline one of them. But on the rare occasion we need your help, please remember that we are not disciplinarians. Most of the time, we just need you to wrangle the 2 yr-old that sneaks behind the curtain.

8. Remember that balloons can be choking hazards. If your child is too young to have a conversation about choking, they are too young for a balloon. In  the balloon pics section, you can see a baby with a balloon hat. That was simply a photo opportunity. After the picture, the mom kept the balloon safely away from the baby.

9.  If you decide to add the bunny rabbit appearance to your show, make sure you keep the bunny a secret from the kids! It's a huge surprise for them!